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Q&A: Having almost decided to buy a home in or near Nashville

KenFran, I understand your concerns with Tennessee. I’ve lived here all my life. The joy of Tennessee living is we do have 4 very distinct seasons. Autumns are brisk, winters are cold, springs are pollen-filled and green and summers can be smoldering.

Regarding green living, I have to question your sources. The Music City Star just launched a few months ago as one of the most economically built commuter rails in America. The first leg just opened from East to downtown. Nashville has one of the most aggressive Greenways programs of any city our size. My company, Village, just gave a sizely donation to help continue the greenways throughout Davidson County. We also have amazing dog parks, green parks and Tennessee’s first fully-green development with 5th and Main. As far as recycling, I’m confused there, too. My recylcing bin is sitting outside of my home as I type this. On Tuesday, my neighbors all have them at their curb.

We are a commuter city. You will see lots of cars, however our traffic doesn’t compare to DC or LA. In those cars will be some bible-basher, some gay couples, some families, some singles, some democrats, some republicans…Nashville, while in the Bible belt, is a very diverse ideological city. You can find exactly the mentality you are looking for here. It’s just with whom you surround yourself. A girlfriend of mine from Los Angeles just moved here and was at a party at my home where she met families, gay couples, multiple races, vary socioeconomic levels, etc. Her comment was…oh my gosh…I feel so LA right now.

Nashville is the Cheerios of cities. We tend to blend well with everything. You really should try our Cheerios!!