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Q&A: Should I build a garage?

It’s according to what part of East Nashville you are in and what you currently have in the home. If you are in Lockeland Springs, Eastwood Neighbors, Historic Edgefield, that investment can really pay off, as long as you keep costs low. If you are in Cleveland Park, McFerrin Park, Maxwell Neighbors, Greenwood Neighbors, be cautious that you have strong equity. Garages haven’t become as predominant in those spots. Appreciation has been healthy in those areas, however. If you just bought the home, obviously you don’t have the equity just yet for it to return if you sell in the very near future.

Keith is exactly correct with the “living in your home.” So many times we get caught up in value that we forget to enjoy the amenities we want and need. If you are going to enjoy the garage and can live without getting the money fully back short-term, go for it and enjoy it!