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Nashville Plans for New State of the Art Green Building

Urban Green Lab, scheduled to open in 2012 in East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood, will be Nashville’s first sustainability learning center.   The center will include a park, venue space, and hands-on learning areas.  Workshops will be held on topics such as home weatherization and urban agriculture, and it will feature interactive displays and a working community garden.  It will also be an asset to Nashville area public schools.

Native Nashvillian Dan Heller is the founder of Urban Green Lab and has been making visible improvements to the buildings at the corner of Riverside and McGavock for years, which is now known as Riverside Village.  Awarded 2009’s Business Person of the Year by the Historic East Nashville Merchant’s Association, Dan is an advocate for small business, neighborhood beautification, and the successful push for comprehensive water rate reform.

District 6 (East Nashville) began its District 6, Energy Fix campaign this month as a part of Go Green Nashville’s initiative to reduce energy consumption in the urban areas by 5%.  They join Go Green, District 18 (Hillsboro-West End and Belmont-Hillsboro) and District 25’s Greener Hills (Green Hills).

For a sneak peak of the beautiful center, visit