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NAB Team Announces New, Buyer-Mobile Office

The Nashville And Beyond team is proud to unveil Real Estate Buy-Fi as a first in consumer service.  First piloted in April 2010, the program is now in full swing.  One of the common issues with today’s tech savvy buyer of all ages is that time away from the office or work is valuable and hard to come by to dedicate to a home search process.  The answer is simple…we’ve built a mobile office for you.

One home buying couple recently commented, “This completely changes the process for us.  I feel like I’m being productive in multiple ways with this.”

When you join our home buying process, you will be provided

  • Plenty of room in our comfortable Mercedes R300.  The same vehicle many TV film crews use for interviews on the road.
  • A MacBook Pro
  • A MacBook Air
  • An iPad
  • Wireless internet at 4G speed
  • Three-pronge plug outlets
  • Advance planned breaks for you to do your work while sitting idle
  • Real-person, administrative support on the ground with scan, fax, print and messaging service

Everything you need for your own search on the road and office on wheels in the comfort of your own captain's seat.

So, what’s the catch?  None.  We just want to take the buyer process to the next level.  A search engine should be more than just an internet browser; and, today’s REALTOR® should be working toward your goals hand and hand, overcoming time away from work issues.  In this economy, it’s our job to help protect your job!

Additionally, all three of the Buy-Fi Mac tools are ready to roll with

  • Full MLS default search
  • Lifestyle search
  • Crime statistics directly in your hands for your evaluation from the police department
  • Mapping and location-based services
  • School and education information
  • Walkability scoring
  • Your personal email access
  • Your personal social media access

To plan your journey, please visit our buyer page and tell us you’d like the Real Estate Buy-Fi Experience.  We look forward to hosting you in our search engine on wheels very soon.

*As with any real estate search process, you must understand the importance of your own due diligence.  Prior to beginning the Real Estate Buy-Fi process, you must download and attest to have read and agree with the Village Disclaimer Statement.

If you are an agent, looking for guidance on how to set up your own Buy-Fi program, the information is provided here.