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A Picture Really IS Worth a Thousand Words

You can’t hide from it. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are a visual society. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well who doesn’t, literally? When you’re at a bookstore browsing, are you really going to waste your time picking up a book that has a bland and boring cover? Of course you aren’t and don’t you pretend you’re not as vain and ADD as the rest of us. You’re going to pick up the book with the big bold letters and fascinating cover art. You don’t have time to waste on taking the chance of a plain book cover actually being a great book.

Well the same goes for houses. It KILLS me all the homes I see every single day online that have horrible photos.  Studies show that approximately 90% of todays’ buyers find their home on the internet. Say a buyer does a search for homes in East Nashville’s 37206 zip code. In this zip code alone there are currently 214 homes in the MLS. Do you think the average busy home buyer is going to want to browse through and analyze 214 homes in detail, or do you think they are going to just look at the ones that catch their eye? They are at work trying to quickly view these homes with one eye on the boss’s office to make sure he’s not looking, or at home juggling multiple chores and/or children simultaneously. Who has time to go through every single one, much less time to go out and see every home in person?

I am showing homes tomorrow to two different out of state buyers who only have time to see maybe 10 homes each before leaving Nashville to make their decisions. They’re both looking in multiple areas. They’ve been looking online for months from their home states at hundreds of options that meet their criteria. So you know where those homes with the horrible teeny tiny blurry dark pictures are on their list? Do you have to ask?

Sellers, if your REALTOR is not either using a professional photographer to photograph your home or is not a talented photographer him/herself, you need to have a talk with that agent. They are doing you a huge disservice. If you have photos of your home online that are blurry, that are small and can’t be enlarged, that show snow on the ground when it’s July… unless you’re a foreclosure under-priced by $50,000, good luck having any showings in today’s market.

All that being said, the great news is this is such a simple thing to do! Photographing a home does not cost a lot and is not time consuming. I know with the professional service we use, they shoot the home for about an hour (depending on the size of course) and edit all the photos within a day to make them ready for marketing. The money we as agents spend for our listings is just a small fraction of the benefit of having beautiful photos capturing each home, telling its story.