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Nashville Theatre Update

Guest blog my Dawson Ballard and Michael Butell, our Nashville Theatre Scene NABors.

As varied are the different Nashville theatres, so are the shows we offer to you today. You won’t find the most traditional shows now playing but ones that are well worth your time to go out and see a show you haven’t seen before and might not have the chance to do again soon. We have a Shakespeare offering, southern comedy, Nashville premiere by John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck, Doubt) as well as a couple others. Have a great night out at a theatre in Nashville.

Artists’ Cooperative Theatre is performing “Much Ado about Nothing” which opened on May 20 and continues through May 28 at the Darkhorse Theater located at 4610 Charlotte Ave. This show is a comedy by William Shakespeare about young lovers Hero and Claudio, soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners and confirmed singles Benedick and Beatrice to wed as well. Ticket prices are $12 and more information is available by calling 615-726-2281 or visit

Pull Tight Players is performing “Dearly Beloved” which opens May 27 and continues through June 11 at 112 Second Ave South in Franklin. This show about the Futrelle Sisters, Frankie, Honey Raye and Twink, are throwing a wedding for Frankie’s daughter Tina Jo. But this southern wedding has gone hilariously off course with its Gone with the Wind theme, a reception catered by Clovis Sanford’s House of Meat, and a missing bride and groom. In this fast-paced comedy about love, marriage, sisterhood, gospel music and three hundred pounds of good, ol’ Texas barbeque, you’ll laugh all the way down the aisle! Ticket prices are $16 ($14 seniors, $12 students) and more information is available by calling 615-791-5007 or visit

Amun Ra Theatre is performing “The Old Settler” which opened May 13 and continues through May 29 at 2508 Clifton Ave. This show by John Henry Redmond is a gentle, sweet-natured comedy about life in 1943 Harlem. It’s a play that chooses to remember the good without the bad, being about the relationship of two aging, church going sisters…and what happens when a handsome young fellow, newly arrived from the Deep South, rents a room in the apartment they share. Ticket prices are $15 and more information is available by calling 615-329-4228 or visit

Actors Bridge Ensemble is performing “Sailor’s Song” which opens June 3 and continues through June 12 at Belmont University Black Box Theater at 2100 Belmont Blvd. This show is the Nashville premiere by John Patrick Shanley and is an extravagant romantic seaside story decorated with dance. In the tradition of Gene Kelly and Eugene O’Neill, who should have worked together but never did, this stylistically daring love story gives a cynical man and a true believer who battle over beautiful women and the power of love. Ticket prices are $18 ($15 student/seniors) and more information is available by calling 615-341-0300 or visit

Theatre Ensemble of Nashville is performing “Independence” which opens June 3 and continues through June 26 at 195 Omohundro Place. This show is set is the small town of Independence, Iowa, the lifelong home of Evelyn Briggs. Her oldest daughter, Kess, is a university professor in Minneapolis, but she has come home at the request of her sister, Jo who is concerned for Evelyn’s mental health. Kess, a professed lesbian, wants to cut her family ties once and for all; Jo, an incurable romantic and longtime virgin, has now become pregnant; while Sherry, salty-tongued and amoral, wants only to finish high school so she can leave home for good. In the end, there is no accommodation possible but, instead, only a kind of arbitrary independence for each of the protagonists, as they come to realize that each must find her own heaven-or hell-in her own way. Ticket prices are $10 and more information is available by calling 615-255-7715 or visit