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Is Gay Marriage Legal In Tennessee?

By Brian Copeland

Nashville is viewed as the most cosmopolitan of cities in Tennessee and the Southeast.  While the state is viewed as a conservative-only state, Tennessee has its spots of moderate folks.  While gay marriage isn’t legal in Tennessee, members of the LGBT community can still find a thriving, lovely life within the Nashville radius.

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Brian and Brian took their celebration to Connecticut and enjoy life in the progressive East Nashville historic district.

Many LGBT couples, travel to the northeast to enjoy the experience of a legal marriage.  When they return to Tennessee, however, their marriages are not recognized.  Others choose to have a private ceremony here, draw up some pretty hefty legal documentation and search for employers with domestic partnership benefits.  Later in this blog, I’ll give you links and information on these resources.  If you’d like to be added to the list, feel free to email us and we’ll get you added. Several major employers in Nashville offer domestic partnership benefits.  Some of the city’s largest employers offer them, as a matter of fact and include Vanderbilt University, Hospital Corporation of America aka HCA Healthcare, Ford, Deloitte, Aetna and Kroger. You’ll also find some inclusive, lifestyle activities (outside of bars) in the greater Metro Nashville area.  A gay parenting group meets monthly in private homes, parks and restaurants.  The Nashville Grizzlies Rugby Team is one of the most popular small sporting teams in the area.  A LGBT cycling group, Qadence, kicks off this spring for avid bicyclers.  Many of the activities are listed in Nashville’s gay newspaper Out & About.  NewsChannel 5 (CBS affiliate) airs a weekly show called Out & About Today.  Covenant of the Cross runs Tennessee’s only LGBT-targeted food pantry and is always looking for service-minded people to help out in the food pantry, Covenant Cupboard.  Numerous political action organizations are local to get involved with and include The Brooks Fund, Tennessee Equality Project, The GLBT Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Pride, OutCentral Cultural Center and the Human Rights Campaign. You do options to enjoy a gay union service in the Nashville area.  Several services and facilities exist in the area.  Faith-based facilities that many LGBT couples choose locally include

The clergy who can help with pre-marital counseling, wedding preparation and services include

  • Rev. Greg Bullard, Pastor at Covenant of the Cross

Gay-friendly attorneys who can help with family matters include

In 2011, Nashville’s Metro Council passed a bill for government contractors to pledge not to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  If you have concerns about relocating to this area, remember Nashville is no San Francisco, but in the South, you’ll find it as warm and accepting as many of today’s major cities, regardless of what you see on the news from the legislature. Pin It

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The Nashville and Beyond Team is proud members of The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals aka NAGLREP.