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ABC’s Nashville Scores High On Local Accuracy

If you watched the pilot episode of ABC’s Nashville, you were given a peak inside Nashville’s intimate city on the surface.  When you watch shows like CSI or Dexter, the city plays such a large part in the show that it’s often difficult to separate the fact from the fiction.

As a “local,” I was thrilled to see the accuracy in episode one.  If you’re planning a trip to Nashville, new to the city or scratching your head on some of the locations, here’s the map and accuracy ratings of ABC’s Nashville.

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1.  Nashville skyline from a distance with hills.  Yep, you can see this view even without a helicopter.  If you take Ellington Parkway North from downtown and exit Ben Hart, you’re nearby this view.

2.  Gaylord’s Opryland Hotel.  You’ll see this exterior twice in the opening set-up.  One scene has the silos in the foreground.  The inside of this hotel is amazing with its many gardens, fountains and conservatories.

3.  General Jackson Showboat.  It docks in the parking lot of Opry Mills Outlet Mall and takes a trek into downtown Nashville to Titan’s Stadium along the Cumberland River.  You can enjoy a dinner cruise or just a quiet night on the water.

4.  The Bluebird Café.  You can clearly see they used the real Bluebird in the scenes.  Hill Center is clearly in view behind the actors as they confront in the parking lot.  If you’re going to the Bluebird during the day, be ready to fight the congestion of Green Hills shopping.

5.  The Tennessee State Capitol Building.  We use a few accuracy points because technically the mayor’s business is handled in buildings a few blocks away.  The Capitol Building is typically for state issues and meetings only.  The mayor wasn’t shown to be working there, only attending an announcement, so they still are technically accurate.

6.  Printer’s Alley.  One of the most popular dive places in Nashville, it especially comes to life after 11 p.m.  Lonnie’s is the most fabulously trashy karaoke spot in the area.  Beer only!

7.  The Grand Ole Opry.  This is a tough one for accuracy.  They show the exterior and downtown of the Ryman Auditorium which is the original home of the Grand Ole Opry and one of the biggest downtown draws.  The interior scenes are at the newer Grand Ole Opry near the Opryland Hotel.  Both are accurate, but a bit inconsistent.

8.  The Shelby Street Greenway Pedestrian Bridge.  I have had a many a talk on this bridge.  It’s very likely you’d see tough talks like you hear in the show on this bridge.  It connects Titan’s Stadium and downtown.  Rayna stops on the bridge about 3/4 the way over where you can get one of the best views of the skyline during her talk with Deacon Clayborne (Charles Esten).

9.  The proposed site for a baseball stadium.  Major accuracy kudos for this one.  This has been talk in this city for years for this site.  Currently, it’s a big field where the 4th of July fireworks are hosted with the Nashville Symphony.

10.  SPOILER ALERT HERE AND IN #11. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  Teddy announces his candidacy for Nashville mayor in the lobby of this amazing building.  We lose a few accuracy points because while the space is amazing, it’s far from a political zone.  Could someone use it to announce a race?  Sure.  Have they?  Not to my knowledge…plus I can’t give the producers and directors a perfect score.

11.  The Terrazzo.  Randy Roberts (Burgess Jenkins) is almost busted with Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) as Rayne James (Connie Britton) shows up at his door for some comfort and advice.  You see amazing views from his windows which are similar to the views from this late 2000s built condo complex in The Gulch.  Would a famous person show up there or a music producer live there?  Absolutely…and they do!

Can’t wait to see the future episodes.  We’re so proud to have this show in our amazing city.  Welcome!