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Chestnut Hill is Going Green

Earlier this month, Village Real Estate Services partnered with the incredible folks at Hands on Nashville for a day of improving energy efficiency in the houses of two different home owners. All of us at Village are pretty well versed on the benefits of going green, but most of us didn’t know how fun and easy it can be!

The twenty or so agents (including a lending partner and insurance specialist) split up into two teams to take on the selected homes in Historic Chestnut Hill. Chestnut Hill is an urban neighborhood just south of Downtown featuring an eclectic mix of historic, renovated, and brand new construction single family homes and condos.

We began with assessing which areas of the homes were in need of energy improvements, and then were each assigned specific tasks. Our Hands on Nashville energy expert conducted a blower door test to measure the air tightness of the home. Results showed this home was not well sealed, which causes not only higher energy bills but uncomfortably cold or hot indoor temperatures, especially during extreme weather.

Our team was soon put to work caulking, drilling, weather stripping, and insulating. I think I had the funnest job of all, getting to operate the insulation machine! By the end of the morning, fellow agent Anna and I had the entire attic floored with insulation.

After a hard working morning, another blower door test was conducted. The results were pretty impressive. After just a few hours, we had reduced the home’s infiltration by over 21%! This should help the homeowner tremendously feel more comfortable in the coming winter months, save on heat bills, and improve the value of her home. The other Village team did even better with results at 30%!

Working as a team to accomplish all of this in such a short period of time felt incredible. I encourage you to go out there and do the same, either in your own homes, or in someone in need of a retrofit. With some experienced guidance, it really was easy and honestly super fun. Brian and I both thought it was one of our best work days ever.

To learn more about becoming more green in the Nashville area, check out Go Green’s site. For your own in home energy evaluation, which offers cash incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, go to NES’s site. And for volunteer opportunities with Hands on Nashville, click here.