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ABC Nashville’s Accuracy Remains True in Episode 2

I was very cynical when I first starting seeing previews of ABC’s Nashville over the summer. I feared my fair city would be represented the way Hollywood envisions us. After just finishing episode 2 on DVR, I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised.. and hooked!

As articulated in Brian’s blog last week, the show’s producers seem to have gone to great efforts to represent Nashville in a realistic light. Rather than having every single scene take place in a Hollywood studio, a lot of the drama unfolds on location here in Music City. Also, some of the issues that people in the music business face here are true to Nashville life as well.

The Broken Spoke. This is an interesting choice of locations as it’s definitely not one of the more well known music venues here. Practically hidden from view in the shadows of an Econo Lodge off I-65 and Trinity Lane, I wasn’t even sure the place was still in business (I just verified from the motel that they are only closed for renovations). I actually frequented this place when I first arrived in Nashville and saw some impressive songwriters’ nights here. I remember seeing the writer of Blake Shelton’s first hit “Austin” perform here right after the song started to take off, and how excited the writer was over her new success.

The 5 Spot. Located in East Nashville’s vibrant Five Points. I appreciate that they chose more of a rock venue and a style of music other than country. One of the things a lot of people who don’t live here don’t realize is Nashville’s music scene is SO much more than just country. There are musicians of almost every single genre here. I do hope the show will feature a variety of music in upcoming episodes, as that is one of the things that makes the scene here so eclectic.

Musica. The scene of Juliette Barnes’ music video in this episode, I still chuckle when I remember the initial controversy surrounding the unveiling of the famously naked dancing statues in Music Row’s roundabout. Tourists often drive by, slowing down to take pictures. The statues get dressed up for holidays, and sport Predators jerseys when we make the playoffs. Protestors occasionally show up too. A little inaccuracy in this scene was the mob of screaming fans that showed up for the video shoot. Celebrities actually walk around like regular people here, without the burden of paparazzi and frantic fans. The locals are quite respectful of our celebs and give them their space.

The complicated musician relationship. Good accuracy points for the common musician/musician relationship. I’ve had many friends in this exact position. Two struggling singer/songwriters, one starts having success, the other doesn’t, and it’s a challenging situation. Or one goes on the road with a band while the other stays home. The jealousy and friction this all creates, and did create in this episode, is a common theme in many of these relationships.

It’s exciting to see some of the beautiful areas of our city featured here so far. In the very beginning I caught a glimpse of an area right down the street from our house near Inglewood. I will definitely be tuning in to future episodes.