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Why I Love My ‘Hood: Moss Rose

Each edition, we will be featuring a different Nashville area neighborhood from the perspective of an actual resident.

It’s my turn! My new husband and I wanted to get in on the fun and talk about the neighborhood we love and call home.

East Nashville’s Moss Rose neighborhood is small, not well known, and definitely one to keep an eye on. With its short proximity to popular Riverside Village, Greenways access, river views in some cases, and affordability, it may be one of East Nashville/Inglewood’s best kept secrets.

Adam: Belleville, Michigan
Me: Culver City, California. But after almost 13 years in Nashville, it’s definitely home.

Adam: IT administrator for a law firm downtown
Me: REALTOR and Team Leader at Nashville and Beyond

Favorite Nearby Hot Spots: The Greenways of Nashville is in our backyard. It’s amazing. We can literally walk about twenty feet and be in miles and miles of nature, right in the city. People bike, run, walk, rollerblade, and hike. We both bought bikes after moving here, and are definitely in better shape having our “backyard gym”. The Cumberland is also within feet, and we can watch the General Jackson float by. On nice nights when we’re outside, we can hear the music playing from the General Jackson cruises in the distance. Riverside Village is close by with its restaurants, shops, pub, and even a pharmacy. We like Japanese restaurant Watanabe so much, we had our rehearsal dinner there. I love going over to Sip Cafe for a coffee, then next door to Mitchell Deli for one of Nashville’s best sandwiches (featured on TLC’s America’s Best Sandwich). Check out their daily specials and fresh salad bar. Castrillos is perfect for pizza delivery on those lazy nights in. Village Pub is hockey central and they are big on serving local brews. Their pretzel sandwiches are really tasty.

How the Neighborhood Has Changed Since Moving Here: We have only lived here a year, but already are noticing the area becoming busier and busier with the growing popularity of Riverside Village and the growth in general of the Inglewood area. There is also some new construction happening on Moss Rose, which is nice to see.

Why I Love Living Here: When we started our search for our next home, we knew we would have a tough time. I was coming from a condo in the city, and Adam had a house in a more suburban neighborhood. He loves wide open spaces, while I’m a total urban girl. We had no idea how we would ever find something we both loved. But the moment we saw our future home, we knew it was perfect for us. It’s close enough to downtown and all things East Nashville that I didn’t feel stranded out in the middle of nowhere, yet it’s a quiet neighborhood with miles and miles of wide open spaces right in our backyard with The Greenways.. so perfect for Adam’s love of nature. I have surprised myself becoming more and more of a nature girl. Adam has actually enjoyed being closer to our favorite hangout spots and to his work. We love date night at East Nashville’s amazing restaurants. Our favorites are Eastland Cafe and Margot, but we really have been enjoying newcomers Pomodoro East and Cafe Fundamental (the adorable French cafe on Porter). Our neighbors are very kind and not intrusive.

Why We’re Not Worried About Flood Plains: We bought a flood home, and it really wasn’t a concern at all to us. We pay for flood insurance which is rolled into our mortgage payment, and it’s not near as much as we assumed it would be. The May 2010 floods were a 500 year event (hopefully), so really we’re not going to stay awake at nights thinking about that happening again. One of the things I admire about our neighborhood is that the people around us survived, rebuilt, and most of them stayed in their homes instead of moving. That really says something about this community.