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Okay, I know it’s a running joke with all of my friends that I’m a media whore.  When I was six years old, I told my mom I wanted to be a game show host (specifically for “Sale of the Century).  When I found out that I’d have to move to California for a job like that, I decided I wanted to be a news anchor.  When I found out their pay scales in my 7th grade career exploration report, I rethought that decision very quickly.  I never guessed I would make it in the media world via the real estate world.  Here are some of the shows, clips and array of other places I’ve been so far.

HGTV’s Top 25 Home Buying Tips

I had appeared on numerous shows by the time I got asked to do the Top 25 Home Buying Tips for HGTV.  The crew came to my house here in Nashville (that’s one of my favorite sculptures over my shoulder) and spent the morning taping.  Inside fun tip:  I’m wearing pajama bottoms :)

HGTV’s Goodbuy/Badbuy: Tammy

After taping this show, I was inundated with emails, facebook messages and texts with frustrated viewers wanting to know what Tammy what thinking.  Believe it or not, it’s SO good she held out.  The perfect home hit the market a year later in the location she had dreamed of.  Fun tip:  The home Tammy bought finally is virtually identical to the “Goodbuy.”

HGTV’s House Hunters: Heath & Cara

I met Heath & Cara at Heath’s sister’s party.  His sister asked if I’d give them advice on a home they were interested in, which actually turned out to be the home they purchased.  The production company had asked me the week prior if I had any buyers who would work.  Heath and Cara were game.  Fun tip:  Heath is the son of Randy from the country group Alabama.

HGTV’s Goodbuy/Badbuy: DeAnn

The production company called again and asked me if I was willing to be adventurous with a new TV show.  I had actually earmarked DeAnn for an episode of House Hunters, but she was open to try something new with me.  This show honestly changed the way I advised buyers.  Fun tip:  This was the first time this show had ever been taped.  The director had to consult the “manual” several times.

HGTV’s House Hunters: Kristin

Kristin was an HGTV freak; so, I was extra glad that out of the three buyers I gave them, they chose her.  This was an absolutely miserable shoot thanks to the fact it was August in Southern humidity.  Fun tip:  Kristin’s episode is one of House Hunters top rated episodes.

The Learning Channel’s (TLC) “Flip That House”

This was my first time ever doing anything on TV. We literally had one day to find this home for Laura to flip. I can’t say this was the best move professionally. I was slammed with calls from people who wanted flipping advice, none of which were from within a 120 mile radius of Nashville. Fun tip: The home sold in multiple offers in the first weekend on the market.

HGTV’s House Hunters: Adam & Angela

Coming soon! This episode won’t air until late 2010/early 2011. I’m not allowed to tell you anything about this episode until after it airs, which totally sucks because it’s the funnest one yet. I can honestly say I’ve never laughed harder in any home search than with this former college football player and his hilarious wife.  Obviously, not the correct video.

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