Cherokee Park Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


Driving through Cherokee Park is sure to elicit more “ohs” and “ahs” than a theme park ride as you wind your way through this neighborhood’s well-manicured lots and array of stately homes. Shrugging at a Southern shoulder at all things trendy and hip, the neighborhood lives in the name of tradition, offering up historic cottages and classic tudors with gorgeous detailing and undeniable elegance.

If stunning homes weren’t enough, the neighborhood is a short walk from the McCabe golf course and greenway – perfect for an evening stroll of weekend jog. And if you tire of that green space, the popular Centennial Park is less than two miles down the road. Looking for something that speaks a little more nightlife? The ever-busy Midtown and downtown restaurants, bars, and music venues are just minutes by car.

If you’re looking for a steal in this neighborhood, you might want to look at lottery tickets instead. Cherokee Park’s prime location along West End Avenue has guaranteed the neighborhood a spot in the upper end of Nashville’s real estate prices for a number of years, so you’ll need a pretty hefty budget to land a spot of your own.