Chestnut Hill Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


Spreading out at downtown’s Southern borders, this historically stocked neighborhood is seeing what looks like a resurgence – and with no surprise. From your backyard, you can see the city skyline towering above the rows of classic Victorians, quaint farmhouses, and newer developments that line the sidewalked streets of this urban neighborhood.

Walkability in the area is obvious. Downtown is a short hike North and the popular 8th South and 12 South districts are a short bike ride or 2 minute car trip. You’re also at the intersection of the city’s largest interstates making getaways out of town even faster.

Handymen and skilled DIYers will love the area’s many opportunities to turn a crumbling artifact into a historic masterpiece, but completed renovations, condos, and new builds are also on the menu – and still at a price that won’t last long.

College Heights
Listen closely and you may hear the sounds of college – sporting events, classroom chatter - on the breeze in this spirited neighborhood. Located North of Charlotte Pike just West of downtown, this area is known for housing Tennessee State University and a number of its students, although with its distance to downtown and easy access to major thoroughfares, its convenience makes a desirable option for any type of homebuyer.

Many newer construction homes have appeared in the past decade though styles dating back to the middle of last century can be found as well. Two things all homes share? An affordable price tag and easy access to the city center.