Hermitage Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


Named after the historic home of 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson, Hermitage is a sprawling suburban community east of urban Nashville. Houses in these parts rival President Jackson’s own mansion with sizeable homes on expansive lots making up most the market.
If you’re looking for waterfront property or just a way to spend a Saturday, you’ll be happy to know that Hermitage runs along a large portion of the 42-mile long J. Percy Priest Lake. In fact, Hermitage is home to Nashville Shores, a favorite Nashville summer spot known for its waterpark attractions in a natural lake atmosphere. Percy Priest isn’t Hermitage’s only waterfront park. The Stones River Bend Park runs alongside a curve in the Cumberland River and offers a greenway for jogging, walking, or biking.
Like many of Nashville’s suburban communities, Hermitage offers something for almost everybody with a wide variety of housing options, modern conveniences like big name retail shopping, and a short drive from downtown.