Lockeland Springs Neighborhood

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If you had driven the streets of Lockeland Springs in the 1980s and 1990s, you would find street after street of gorgeous, historic homes in poor repair. Any person who loved home restoration and understood neighborhood renaissance dreamed of the day that Lockeland Springs would return to its glory from the 1920s. That has arrived, and now this neighborhood has become the backdrop for tons of TV shows, the "it" spot for national publications and the envy of every person who didn't snatch a home up in the early 2000s, when prices were laughably low.

Beyond being Nashville's marquis charming neighborhood, neighbors love the countless hyperlocal shops and restaurants. Whether you want casual Mexican at Rose Pepper Cantina or a fancy night at Margot, East Nashville's cuisine is noted as one of the best nationally. Local artisans have nested in the areas around Lockeland Spring and bring amazing creations to market in Porter Flea which happens through the year. It's like Etsy.com in real-life!

If you think you can waltz into this neighborhood for under $250K for everything you want, sorry! You'll need a healthy budget and a competitive mindset to win it the normal "multiple offer" marketplace that Lockeland Springs now has.

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