Testimonials For Brian Copeland

I honestly could not have navigated these waters on my own!

“I honestly could not have navigated these waters on my own!”

When I decided to take advantage of the low interest rates and the incentives to buy a new home last year, I really had no idea what I was doing. Yes, I had a ‘starter’ home, but I’d lived in it for a decade and my only realtor experience all those years ago was miserable. I knew two things when I made my decision to get in the game: I needed to sell my home fast and I needed to find a new one fast. I also had no idea what I wanted which made it even better.

After having known Brian for several years, and having worked with him a in prior career where he over-delivered every time, he was my only choice for a real estate agent. Still, as you can imagine, I was aware that this transaction could make or break a relationship. Further, I was at his mercy. I was only armed with the information I could find on the internet. I really needed help. I could spew most any fact from a real estate website, but in the end, I needed professional, practical and honest advice.

Finding the perfect house new house was easy as it turned out. Finding out that someone else put a bid on the perfect house the same day we did was not. However, Brian guided us through the negotiation process seamlessly and I did not spend a dime more than I had budgeted. Really. A year later, I still LOVE my new house. I cannot express how grateful I am that I had an excellent negotiator on my side.

As for selling my other house, Brian was a pro. He had a professional photographer take my house photos and he really accentuated the great things about the prior house. No, it wasn’t a mansion, but it was a functional little space that I had loved for a decade. Brian made sure it was well-publicized and it was even featured in a blog about affordable housing. Even through the bizarre events of the Nashville flood in 2010, Brian sold my house at a great price before I ever had to pay two mortgages.

As a side to the buying/selling process, I will also add that Brian made sure I had the absolute best in mortgage brokers. Brian’s team worked tirelessly so I could rest.

On most days, I consider myself a bright person. I honestly could not have navigated these waters on my own. After such a painless and pleasant experience with Brian, I cannot imagine using anyone else for such an important investment. Do yourself the favor and interview Brian to be your agent. I don’t think you’ll have to interview anyone else.

East Nashville